The Congress of Research in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport 2024, in its VI edition, is convened for all professionals and students who want to present their researches related to the sports phenomenon in any of its manifestations.


The congress aims to be a meeting point to reason about the most relevant progress of the actuality and the future trends of our scientific corpus. It pretend to be a platform, more affordable for the majority, to form, disseminate and share the knowledge, studies and researches related to Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport.


The abstracts will be able deal with any of the following thematic lines:

a- Health:

Abstracts related to physical activity and health, sports medicine, physiotherapy, nursing, nutrition and physical activity for special populations.

b- Sports Performance:

Abstracts related to sports performance, sports evaluation, sports training, physiology, biomechanics, functional anatomy, ergogenic aids, doping and illegal pharmacological substances.

c- Leisure and Recreation:

Abstracts related to nature activities, adventure sports, leisure sports, socio-cultural animation, active and sports tourism, new sports hall trends, games and traditional sports.

d- Social Sciences:

Abstracts related to the history of sport, sports anthropology, sociology of sports, sports psychology, sports philology, Olympism, media and sports.

e- Sport Manegement: 

Abstracts related to the sport management, sports law, sports legislation, sports regulations, sports organization, sports events, protocol, sports advertising, sports sponsorship, sports subsidies and sports equipment.

f- Physical Education:

Abstracts related to the didactic of physical education and sporty, school sports, extracurricular activities, psychomotor, basic physical education and body expression..



Nominal certificates of attendance and of author.

Copy of the minutes of the abstracts edited digitally with ISBN and Legal Deposit, in a USB.

Congressman’s bag, only presential modality.

Possibility of participating in the prizes for the two best oral communications presentials.

Assistance to delivery of the Amorós Awards 2024, previously requesting it to the email, people will be admitted until complete capacity.

Participation in the lectures

Intervention in all communications in the classrooms, only presential modality.

Coffee break, only presential modality.

Creditable activity with 2 ECTS credits for all participating volunteers, only presential modality.


Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad 

Física y del Deporte-INEF

C/ Martín Fierro nº 7

28040 Madrid


October 5, 2024.